RELEASE DATE: 2017/01/31
NAME:  『Deep Inside the Buried Hearts』  / 『Demiurge : Visions of Pseudo-Universe』
PRICE: 2000yen+tax

TRACKLIST: 『Deep Inside the Buried Hearts』
1. Hypnos
2. Beneath the Depth
3. Other Creatures
4. Marigold (Gazing the Surface)
5. Fall Toward Disruption
6. Sweer Whispers of Thanatos
7. My Dear, Leave Me Forever.
8. Where the Dead Memories Asleep
9. As the End Repeats

TRACKLIST: 『Demiurge : Visions of Pseudo-Universe』
1. Birth of Imperfect Aeon
2. History of Disillusion
3. Cell as Catacomb
4. The Alter on Polluted Sands
5. Unlock the Gate of Doom
6. After the End of Time
7. Demiurge Redesigns the Universe
8. Visions of Pseudo-Universe
9. Rebirth of Imperfect Aeon

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