RELEASE DATE: 2017/04/23
NAME: shadowscapes
PRICE: ¥3,780 (tax-in)
*CD+DVD+20 page booklet

01. 灰色の空、サイレンの声 (Haiiro no Sora, Siren no Koe)
02. 覚醒とプシュケ (Kakusei to Psyche)
03. s±n (re-recorded)
04. deus ex machina
05. 花びら (Hanabira)
06. mirror
07. …in the closet (remixed and remastered)
08. last scene: genome falling on bed
09. evil-minded (re-recorded)
10. 春が終わる頃 (Haru ga Owaru Koro)
DVD. 覚醒とプシュケ (Kakusei to Psyche) (PV)

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