Actually I brought vkei shuuryu into life as an extra support for MH. However since my support for MH has ended, I don’t see I don’t have a reason to keep going on diehard.

Of course it’s nice to get a re-tweet from a band. But since there are also many other news reporters around…

However this all takes so many hours of a day and I also do have an own social and work life too. At the moment, I’m busy with lot’s of webdesigns and other designs, which simply got much more priority .

So here is the thing I gonna do.

I still will create a separate post for all MARCH releases.
However, April, May, June, July etc, will be collected in just one post.
I will only inform if a release is an single, album, live distributed, price and how many songs. Of course I also still will give the links to the band website and or twitter.
On 2017/12/31 will be my last post on this website.
Also any 2018 releases will be NOT listed.

I will also still write for Japanese Music Strike:
However my writing will be on a little break too. I want to master some some older designs. This will take a few weeks.  I still do have a bunch of bands I want to write about, also a few CD’s I really want tot talk about.

vkeikonkon will continue, so news about new and bands who give up or going on a break will continue.

jmusicstrike and vkeikonkon will not end.
vkeishuuryu will endat 2017/12/31 and will change after this month in only one post per month.

New releases of bands I follow will be highlighted at jmusicstrike.

Thank you for understanding.

Ryu Nagashiwa